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German Burgos – The Google Glass Man at Atletico Madrid

German BurgosGoogle Glass might not be officially available in Europe yet, but Atletico Madrid assistant coach German ‘El Mono’ Burgos has already a pair and used them productively during their away fixture against Getafe Club de Fútbol .

Atletico Madrid mainly made the headlines of the international press this past weekend, because a Getafe fan showed his bare tush during a penalty kick and made Diego Costa fluff his penalty. But for the marketing and technology interested football enthusiasts, spotting Mr Burgos wearing the revolutionary Google Glass was a much bigger headline.

According to an article by Ashley Clements on the Daily Mail, Google have developed their Google Glass alongside Liga de Futbol Profesional (LFP) to allow coaches to receive live statistics from the match. Metro wrote that Burgos was apparently using an app called ‘Mediacoach’, showing ‘general’, ‘game building’, ‘defence’ and ‘shots’ statistics, without moving from the comfort of the dugout.

The appearance of Google Glass in the dugout of a football stadium brought mixed feelings to light, or better, to the internet. Denny Fischer wrote at that he personally likes the project but is in principle against the use of innovative technology that can change football considerably. Zach Woosley declares at, ‘The arrival of Google Glass is clearly a bridge too far. … Goal-line camera, sensors, tablets, that’s all fine. Wearable technology that makes you look like a goober? No sir. Give this man a yellow card.’

A very interesting comment by user Perilious at actually sees a future for Google Glass. Perilious states, ‘I dont understand people who critizise him or say he deserved to be sent off for this. What you dont see is that you are standing in the way of technology advancing, and in the same way that you wouldnt send someone off for being on their phone, this technology should be treated in very much the same way.’

I have no problem with clubs using innovative technology in the dugout to enhance their team’s performance on the pitch. In the end, it’s just another tool that can be used or can simply be left in the locker room. Plus, the staff needs to know how to use the technology and extract and apply the relevant data. Otherwise, it might even be counterproductive. Nonetheless, I opt for building technology and media competence for coaches to at least give it a try.

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