Brazil v Croatia: how the inaugural match played out on TwitterFootball

The World Cup kicked off with Brazil vs Croatia and this is how Twitter played it out

The FIFA World Cup 2014 kicked off yesterday with a 3-1 win by the hosts Brazil over Croatia. We will not go into the controversy surrounding the arguably suboptimal organization or the much disputed penalty kick awarded to Brazil. What I would like to share with you is this great visualization about the amount of tweets during the first 2014 World Cup match by Cartodb. It is interesting to see that the most active regions are Western Europe, the USA, Central and South America, and Southeast Asia, especially the Malaysia-Indonesia region. According to IBN Live, more than 12.2 million tweets were sent out during the Brazil vs Croatia opening match, and more than 150 countries joined the online conversation (IBN Live 2014). Check out the visualization below, and a big thank you to @McLeiwand for sending this to me.


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