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Social media comparison of UEFA Europa League 2014/15 Group A

The group stage of the UEFA Europa League has kicked off this past Thursday and brought interesting matches to viewers worldwide. Even though I enjoy the UEFA Champions League and its very high level football, these days I prefer watching the UEFA Europa League. It gives me to opportunity to discover clubs from different countries, which I would hardly get to watch. For instance, I never watch the Austrian Bundesliga, Czech Synot Liga or Cypriot First Division. In addition, many teams from smaller European leagues simply do not have realistic chances to compete in the Champions League due to their limited financial and human resources. Because of that, the Europa League seems like a more realistic trajectory and adventure.

Nevertheless, the above-mentioned resources vary between clubs. The following infographic gives an overview of where the 4 clubs of group A, namely FC Zurich, Villarreal CF, Borussia Mönchengladbach, and Apollon Limassol, stand in terms of club ranking and social media.

UEFA Europa League 2014/15 Group A infographic

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