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Paris Saint-Germain vs. FC Barcelona: The Social Media Comparison

Paris Saint-Germain vs. FC Barcelona: The Social Media Comparison - no title

Two greats of European football, Paris Saint-Germain and FC Barcelona, will meet in the UEFA Champions League semi-finals 2015 after having met in this season’s group phase, where both clubs won their respective home fixtures and lost their away games against each other.

This post will give an overview of both teams’ most popular social media sites in terms of the absolute amount of Facebook likes, Instagram followers and posts, YouTube subscribers and video views, Google+ followers and post views, and Twitter followers and tweets, as measured on Monday, 6 April 2015, between 15:00 and 15:30 PM CET. In addition to the parameters that we usually use for this kind of posts, we added the percentage number to the club with the lower amount of the above-mentioned metrics for easier observation. As you can see, PSG trails FC Barcelona in all mentioned instances.


PSG 17,991,008 likes
FCB 81,094,711 likes
PSG operates with 21% of the amount of Facebook likes that FC Barcelona has.

PSG 1,514 posts, 1.3m followers
FCB 4,252 posts, 7.8m followers
PSG posted a little more than a third (35.6%) of the amount of photos on Instagram than FC Barcelona and amassed one-sixth (16.7%) of the amount of followers compared to FC Barcelona.

PSG 196,984 subscribers, 36,187,588 views
FCB 1,708,800 subscribers, 323,113,398 views
PSG generated 11.5% subscribers and 11.2% video views from the amount generated by FC Barcelona. However, it needs to be stated that PSG joined YouTube on 8 October 2010, whereas FC Barcelona has been on the site since 6 February 2006. It is safe to assume that these 4 years and 8 months difference can have had a great influence in generating a great number of additional channel subscriptions and video views for FC Barcelona.

PSG 1,135,960 followers, 40,926,463 views
FCB 7,959,439 followers, 721,456,849 views
PSG’s efforts on Google Plus have converted into 14.3% of the amount of followers of FC Barcelona, but only 5.7% of post views compared to their Spanish rivals. A valid question that can arise here is, ‘Did PSG generate 94.3% less post views than FC Barcelona because of a less effective social media management strategy or because 87.7% more followers on Google Plus can make such a big difference in spreading content on the internet?’ Definitely worth a deep-dive analysis there.

PSG 2,098,911 followers, 25,270 tweets
FCB 14,631,329 followers, 60,423 tweets
PSG has amassed 14.3% of the amount of followers that FC Barcelona has amassed, even though PSG has been on Twitter since May 2009 and FC Barcelona only since December 2009. Also, PSG has tweeted 41.8% of the amount of tweets of FC Barcelona.

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