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Now on UDEMY:

«Sports Marketing: Tactics to Drive Consumption Intentions»

Delivered by Dr. Sebastiano Mereu

Build and strengthen your sports marketing and branding skills with this specialised course on sports marketing tactics to drive consumption intentions for sports organisations and brands. The material in this course is designed for professionals and students to learn how to foster consumption intentions towards different sports products through principles of marketing and branding and was successfully taught to hundreds of university students and business professionals.

The course is divided into five sessions that cover relevant marketing and communications concepts in the sports industry. The sessions introduce necessary theories and relevant applications for practitioners to learn how and why to implement specific activities, achieve set goals, and improve their sports organisation’s marketing performance.

The course covers:

  • Driving fan engagement on social media
  • Effect of brand globalness on viewing intentions
  • Women’s sports and consumption intentions
  • Influencer marketing and celebrity athletes
  • Uses and gratifications of unscripted video series

Although the course is designed to build and strengthen marketing and branding skills of sports and other marketing professionals, anyone who enjoys learning new skills in the realms of marketing and branding through sports brands will take away valuable learnings.

Upon completion of the course, students know how to

  • motivate fans and followers of a sports organisation to engage with the organisation on social media,
  • conceptualise tactics that strengthen global viewing intention of a league with reference to the assessment of brand globalness and localness,
  • assess attitudes and consumption intentions towards women’s sports and derive appropriate marketing and communications tactics to increase the intention to watch a women’s sport event,
  • encourage desired behavioural intentions via sports influencer marketing activities that stand on strong brand credibility and parasocial interaction, and
  • incite desired behaviours through unscripted videos about a sports brand (i.e. sports documentary series and other online video content) based upon a thorough analysis of uses and gratifications.