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How football brands used occasion-based communication to wish a Merry Christmas to their fans and followers in 2015

As the editors at Wonderwall.com underline, ‘just as fun as waking up to presents on [Christmas morning] was waking up to all the fun social media messages our favorite celebs have been posting![1]’ …and our favorite football clubs and organizations.

In the post Occasion-based communication: How football brands wished their fans and followers a Happy New Year 2015, I have mentioned how football fans can reply to occasion-based messages on social media instantaneously and show their appreciation to the brand and the entire internet. I quoted Sanderson and Kassing (ed. Billings, 2011:115), who assess that traditionally, [sports brands] and fans have been comparatively non-influential in the production of sports media, but social media like blogs and Twitter have unhinged this traditional architecture, in unprecedented ways, shifting how sports stories unfold.

This post provides a selection of Christmas posts from different footballers, clubs and organizations. Christmas is a time to be creative and it is advisable to take the opportunity to show another side to the brand and the business that perhaps hasn’t been acknowledged[2]. Nothing will help get [your followers and other consumers] in the spirit faster than seeing some great holiday themed photos and logos[3]. According to Aida Gadzo, “Social media is meant to be social, so use the holiday season to give your posts some festive spin. You will get people excited not only about the season but also about your brand![4]”

I hope you all had a great Christmas time. Enjoy this collection.

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